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"When you sit on a tour bus smelling like hell, telling the worst jokes and still feeling comfortable you know that you're in the right place" Bass player Eero, December 2002

Ahh, The Rasmus, one of Finland's top bands who have just now made it to America. With alot of c-d singles and a few albums, this band is worth dying for! -Sasuke

On a cold winter day nine years ago The Rasmus, (now one of Finlands most respected bands), stepped on stage for the first time at their high school in the Finnish capital Helsinki. Never did these guys expect that nearly ten years later they would be receiving several gold and platinum records as well as several Finnish Grammy awards and a following of tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans. -via The

If you would like to see an archive of ALL of the Rasmus albums, then you can go to:

For any other of your Rasmus needs just go to

Thank you and please listen to all of the Rasmus music that you can!

Peace out~ Sasuke