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Drowning me in my dreams...
chapter 2- slowly falling
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So he writhed in all of the nothingness that he was. Ever wishing to see Halen's bright face, that day, he drempt.

He drempt of her, walking in the brisk light, picking flowers, oh, the flowers were beautiful, She picked one and handed it to him, he looked so misplaced, pale face, and yet he was in the sunlight... with Halen. He vanished... Vanish without a trace, then the sky grew black and bleak and a demon emerged. A great demon, strong and tall. His long blonde hair trailed down one side of his face, conceiling one of his eyes, he grabbed Halen with one arm, this arm being made souly of metal, a metal hand... then the words were whispered "kyuuketsuki eye"

He awoke from a feverlous dream...

Suddenly everything began to shake.. the wall behind him began to erupt.. Aden shot up and looked around to see what was going on as the ground shook tremendously and then he jumped through the roof only to see him...

~~~~ and that's all that I was able to write thus far ^_^ I hope that you enjoyed it.. and HA HA I left you on edge.. what will happen next? NO ONE KNOWS! mwahahaha! *laughs insanely then runs away!*