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Drowning me in my dreams...
Chapter 1~ Slow Dance with Darkness
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She was walking down a little road made of stone. It was a quiet little place, and she really loved it here, she was walking twards the trees... it was so peaceful.. she could live here if wern't for the fact that it would break her mother's heart if she ever left, she'd have to leave someday though, she was 17. She had to get out! She wanted to see the world.. she wanted to see everything. Then a black feather fell in front of her face, and she knew he was here, she walked farther and began into the monarch forest, she walked along as the bird's flew over head. The forest was dark and quiet, the little squirrels ran and glided from tree to tree. She reached a little resting spot in the middle of the forest, there was a rock in the opening, there he sat, he sat so completely perfect that it seemed like everything around her disapeared, but as she promised, she told no one, absolutely no one about his existance in this world.

There had to be more like him, more of his kind.. but he knew of none. He was so obviously beautiful, his skin so pale, like marble, the dark bleek look of the forest captured him. She was so lost when she looked into his blackend eyes. He took her in an embrace that no mortal man could ever take, he smiled so elegantly that his tiny fangs were visible, he cold make them bigger when he sought to, but when the thirst had not dawned upon him, he kept himself as conceiled as possible, for he loved to walk amongst mortals... OH! if he was mortal again, if only he could walk this earth in one lifetime, then leave in peace and walk among the heavens, if there was a place to live in peace and rest. Oh, what he would give for that, one lifetime, he had lived for way too long and seen way, WAY too much.

He held her in his arms and they embraced in a daring kiss, he could hear her heart pump blood in the rhythem of bliss, he could feel it pump beneath him, beggin him in agony to take it's very life, to suck it dry and writhe in the conveying plesure of it all. Yet, he could never take her life, he couldn't let her become what he was, and that was the only way to take the blood, because he couldn't take her life, he couldn't. He loved her. She was his beauty.

Life, ahh the essance of life, if only reality could strike him and he'd be back in his old form, the old him. He was a painter, he lived off of his art, he was a strong youth, 16 when he was taken into the dark side, it was horrid how he was taken, but he didn't want to dwell on it, he wanted to dispise mortals. Hate them all for all that they had, he couldn't do what he had always wanted to do.....

Her on the other hand, she was also a youth of 17, she was beautiful, and she loved the life that she had, but she only got to see him on those moonlit walks that she took into the forest... she wanted so much to just hold him in the feild of her dreams, and walk with him in the beautiful sunlight...the sunlight itself was her favorite thing. She loved to feel the heat of the rays upon her soft soft skin. Life was essance to this girl. She was so scared of death. She wanted to cry almost everytime she saw his poor pale face.

He let her go and turned away from her, he faced the ground and blood crept down his whitened face, he found himself weeping.

Aden- I'm sorry, I must leave this place, I cannot sleep under the depths of the forest any longer, and I'm afraid for your life, I don't want you to die, you love all that you have, so do I.

Halen- but, you can't leave me, I don't care if I die, you can't leave me!

Aden- No, I can't, but I have to because I fear for your life, and I don't want to have to be the one to take it, good...bye.

He stepped onto the stone, lept up into the air and began to fly, or what seemed like flying to the human eye,either way, he was gone in an instant, he felt himself weeping over and over again as he sat in the dusk attic of an abandoned house in New York. His finger trailed to his face to wipe away the blood that was trickling down emanting from his eyelids, he sat and thought about all that had gone on since he had taken refuge in that forest after being injured by another of his kind, he had told her that he had never know any of his own, but there was one, oh, how he loathed that creature, long black hair, sullen face, he looked about 24. The image of him was quite a fright, what you would imagin a "Vampire", a child of the night to really look like, oh, so menacing... He shook his head and the thought of that menacing face was taken away. He himself did not look oh so menacing at all, no, he looked like a mortal man, though his face was as pale as the moon. Of course he could not walk out into the sun, It was like a solar flare, molten lava, burning hte skin, outside and within. He didn't like the whole coffin deal, why? Why should we sleep eternally like we are dead he thought.. OH he was So very much ALIVE! He sat there in that dark, damp place, ever searching.. scanning over everything..... This was the enicial place that he thrived before he resided in the forest floor. He loved it there, YES, did he love it there, but all that was trailing his imortal soul was Halen.. oh, his beautiful Halen, he loved her so. You'd never think that a creature such as him could love, and he did love her. He loved her with his whole being, he had changed his shrewd perspective, yes, he had changed ALOT, over these past hundred years. He used to be a ruthless demon, he used to think that love was all al waste of time, nothing was worht his time back then , nothing but the blood. Even when he wasa mortal he was amorbid creature, so secluded, no one liked him, if he was a mortal man now, things would be SO different. He wished he could be a mortal man, just for one day so that he could be with Halen in her beloved sunlight. Even as a mortal he ahted the sun, but now all he wanted to do was touch it's delecate rays. To bathe in the sun, right now he would do it, but then his love would see him writhing in pain, he wasnted to see her smile, not to cry.. never to cry.