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Drowning me in my dreams...
"My brother"
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*just a note: this poem is in the point of view of kuja from Final Fantasy 9, I felt like getting into kuja's mind, and this is what I cam eup with..enjoy!
Sitting in the darkness
of a crowded room
sitting in the emptiness
I feel the pain
it runs down my head
like the blood flowing through my veins
silver hair flowing in the wind
they look at me like I'm nothing
even though I am the same as one of them
no, I'm not the same
I'm much stronger
I can beat them if I try
I'm not vulnerable
and I won't die
sitting on a silk covered bed
things are left unsaid
I see your face
your like a brother to me
we could have talked
 we could have enjoyed life
now we're fighting to the death
and I'm not like all the rest
of our kind
I'm no soulless vessel
but neither are you
and now I regret ever waging war upon you
I went against you and I failed
I wish I would have taken you as a brother
and not an enemy
now i'm drowning and I'm scared
I can't hear your voice anymore
you saved me and
you were going to help me live
but I'm vulnerable and weak
and I'm not even able to speak
I'm lost and afraid
and I'm sorry
I'm sorry.....