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Why Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned are the worst damn movies in existance
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Sasuke, the biggest vampire freak in the whole aitkin area, is going to sit here and put down movies that originally came from the greatest vampire series in existance, The Vampire Chronicles, by the greatest novelist: Anne Rice...well, why?
I'll tell you why!
Let's start off with Interview with the vampire.. I havn't actually read this book yet, well, all of it, it was hard to find ok?! I was finally able to buy it, so when I finish the damn book, I'll be able to ramble a hell of alot more. But all I know id the movie sucked! I swear that movie was so bad that I didn't even WANT to read the book, it was that bad. It seemed so bleh, and Tom Cruise.. my god! That was horrible in itself, Brad Pitt would have made a GREAT lestat, he had the look, EXACTLY what I imagined Leastat to look like, yeah they casted him in the movie.. AS LOUIS! I couldn't believe it. -N- while wer'e on how the topic of how bad the cast looked.. armand.. now THAT was bad, armand's hair was short! well, not really short, but it wasn't that damn long, and it was not balck, his hair was supposed to be wavy, and.. and.. auburn. and antonio banderras shouldn't have played him in the first place, he looked too menacing, too old. Armand was supposed to be a innocent youthful looking boy, which was supposed to make him seem innocent, contrasting how menacing he was, he wasn't supposed to LOOK menacing. I just don't know. It was crazy, I can't say much on the story line though, the book has been better so far!

Ok, now that we have shunned Interview with the Vampire, we are going to move on to Queen of the Damned. I HAVE read this book, but I'm a little brain farted today, so might miss out on alot of stuff, but I'll try my best.
First of all, I hated the fact that they tried to make a movie of both the Queen of the Damned AND the Vampire Lestat. They couldn't even get all the details for TQOTD let alone stick a whole other book in there. -N- Stuart Townsend, who played lestat in this film, well his acting was good, but he just WAS NOT a lestat. I have to say, it was aot better than tom cruise though. The hair really got me. at least they died tom cruise's hair in IWTV, how could you throw a dude with brown hair AND brown eyes in a vampire movie and call him lestat, it's just not right. I liked the look of the band though, they did do a good job on that. and the concert scene wasn't too bad either. the beginning of the movie was a total flop, I didin't enjoy any of it, I dont' even think i need to explain. I really really hated how they made jesse a main part in the movie though. She was one of my least favorite characters in the first place anyways. and the WHOLE damn story of the twins was flushed down the tubes, how could you NOT put the twins in there? how could you not? if I was anne rice, I would kick someone's ass for the making of this movie. I did like Aaliya though, she's a really good actress.. R.I.P.
I also hated how they took all of the aincents out of most of the movie and just flopped them in there to kill akasha at the end because there ws no other way to kill her, because they left out the other twin. speaking of the aincents.. wasn't Marius horrible looking? I mean, the guy who played him was a very good actor, and everything, but I don't see how they didn't give him a complete makeover. Marius is supposed to have chin lengthish white hair, he's not old looking, but his hair was white. and speaking of oldness, David Talbot looked really REALLY young, and they said they had to do that, because in another book David becomes a vampire, and you can't make vampires out of older people, well, yes, he does become a vampire in the tail of the body thief, but that's AFTER he switches bodies with raglan james. gosh, I hate movie makers! they are so stoopid. I know that they had to cut alot out, but if you were going to cut out the whole damn purpose of the film, then why even make the film? There are just way too many mistakes in this movie, I don't know if you want to sit and read all of the things I have to say..
I really like the lyrics to "forsaken" though. Props to Johnathan whatever of korn. and speaking of the musical part of the film, I don't understand why they gave lestat short hair in the music videos, I know that when a vampire cuts they're hair, it goes back to where it was before, but it just seemed like a stoopid idea to me.
I can't believe I forgot a whole part to ramble on about! Marius, I can't believe that they made maruis lestat's creator. I almost died of laughter when I was watching this part of the film. I don't get why they did that. I think they shouldn't have even shown hoe lestat was born if they were going ot leave Magnus out of it. They needed to show how marius and lestat were connected way ack when and how lestat first saw those who must be kept, but they didn't have to twist reality. They should have just shown the part when lestat was searching for marius and finally found him, and all that jazz. Then, they had to make that whole par tup about how lestat and the fiddler girl, so that lestat could have a fiddle later, which he had gotten from nikki in the book, because they couldn't show that part either. It's obserd.
and speaking of the aincents again, they left out both daniel AND gabriel, I just noticed that.. wow. and they made both khaymen and mael look extremely old, I thought that armand was mael! lol.
that's crazy.
well, I don't think I've missed anything, actually, I know I proabably have, but I think I'll go watch this movie again, just to mock it ^_^ and if I see anything I havn't ranted on yet, I'll let you know!