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Pah- oh, god. Just leave them alone. They'll learn eventually..
Narava and Yuma go running by, Auda sticks his foot out, tripping Yuma. Narava stopped running as he heard a thud, he looked behind him and saw Yuma on the floor with his but in the air.
Narava- *uncontrolable laughter* heh, I guess Auda showed YOU.
Yuma- Shut it Narava! Did I ask you? I don't think so!
Giera started to walk in when he heard the commotion.
Giera- So, what in the hell is going on in here?
He stared down at Yuma who was vacating the floor. Yuma looked up at him.
Yuma- ^_^ hey there Giera.. how are you?
Giera- ~_~ just great.. I see that you are on the floor again, what did Narava beat you AGAIN?!
Narava started to crack up even more at this.
Narava- no...*laughs* He got beat.. *laughs again* He got beat by Auda!
Giera- Auda?!
Auda blushed.
Auda- woopus.
Yuma- woops?
Noy walked in when he heard everyone talking in the next room.
Noy- What's going on in here?
Giera- Auda beat up Yuma..
Noy just sat down and watched the rest of them.
* that's all I've got so far pplz, I'm having a brain fart, so sorry, but I'm gonna quit there!*