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Drowning me in my dreams...
chapter 2- smashing
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I said that I was sorry and that if you wanted an autograph stop by Dave's guitar shop tomorro if it was that awesome,but I didn't care about the publicity at all, I was just hurting from Billy. I couldn't help but cry on my way put of there. The tears were pouring so fast that I couldn't handle it anymore and I started to run. I ran back to the shop, just so I could play the guitars to calm me down. I sat in front of the PRS and turned on the little light. I started to play this AFI song I learned a while back. It was "Wester" my fave AFI song of all time. I loved it's sound, but it was nothing like the amplified PRS at the concert. It wasn't my fault that I got pushed out there in the first place so if he got mad at me it was his fault. His fault. I hid my face in the palm of my hands and cried. All of the tears just poured out of me like nothing. I cried and cried until I curled up on the floor and I cried myself to sleep witht he PRS still strapped to my shoulder.

It was the next morning that I awoke to a customer. I got up and even though I know my hair was scraggly and my make-up was smudged but I didn't care. I looked up with half closed eyes and saw a man with long black hair and sunglasses on. I looked at him vaugely and noticed he was wearing a bat style LeVel 27 shirt. That gave it away. I knew it was Billy. He just looked at me. I pretended I didn't know it was him.

Tish- umn- can I help you sir? I'm sorry that I look like this, but I was up very late last night and I didn't go home. I stayed here at the guitar shop all last night crying, I was strumming angry chors on my guitar because I was furious. Now, how can I help you?

billy- come on Tish. I know you know it's me.

tish- I'm sorry sir, but i asked you how I could help you, not who you are, but you know what, you look like a PRS kinda guy. Would you like a new PRS that costs more money than I make in a month? Or maybe you'd like it just to smah up, that's always nice.

billy- come on tish.. cut it out..

tish- cut what out? I'm only doing my job as a guitar seller. I'm recomending you a PRS. Paul Reed Smith guitars are verry popular now a-days. HEY- even Billy Martin of Good Charlotte uses them! They are so kewl that you could just smash one up!

Then he grabbed my arms so that my whole body was close to his.

billy- TISH CUT IT OUT. I'm trying to talk to you.

tish- humm, why should i when you don't even care?

billy- I do care- or I wouldn't be here.

tish- oh I thought that you just came by to get another guitar since you *accidentally* broke your other one.

billy- guitars arn't everything you know.

tish- of course they're not everything, you can afford to go smashing them up everytime you get mad.

billy- that's not what I meant.

tish- then what did you mean?

billy- I meant that i don't want you mad at me.

tish- I don't know what I was thinking Billy.. just, why don't you go back to the tour bus and have a great time. Just go on to the next town, here....

I went back into the back room and came out with another PRS guitar, a green one. I set it on the counter.

tish- please, just take it and be on your merry way.. just take it and.. and leave so that benji and joel.. and..and..paul..and chris..don't have to wait.

Billy- hey, tish, don't be like that, I don't want to leave yet.

tish- billy, just lea..

He then, cutting off my sentance pulled me as close to him as I had always wanted to be, he then pressed his lips to mine. He then pulled away and then pressed his lips to mine again, but this time he wielded his tounge into my mouth,caressing my tounge with his. As he let go, his head shifted to be right in front of mine. Then, so plainly, he looked into my eyes.

billy- tish.. I was trying to tell you.. that I don't want to leave... I love you.







Chapter 3- TOUR BUS FUN!!!